Music director Devi Sri Prasad has surprised everyone with his skills of shooting and editing. The composer is winning praises from celebs and fans for his work in the short video titled The Moon.

Devi Sri Prasad shot a small video featuring full moon on Buddha Purnima. After editing it on his own, the music composer released the video on his YouTube channel to showcase the skills of his photography. A statement featured in the video read, "Last night the moon sparkled over my house... Speaking to me about the passing clouds in life... The tears... smiles, lows... highs."

Screenshot of DSP's shot video The Moon
Screenshot of DSP's shot video The MoonYouTube

Later, Devi Sri Prasad shared the YouTube link to the video The Moon and wrote, "Few of U know abt my Love 4 Photography.. Camera with flash How many of U know abt my Love 4 TIMELAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY?! Here's smthing dat I SHOT & EDITED..on BUDDHA PURNIMA.. a 1min Video..Movie camera Called #TheMOON Wit a message of #HOPE #StayHomeStaySafe Red heart.

Many people including some celebs are surprised by his photography and editing. They retweeted his post and expressed their appreciations for his work.

Cinematographer Rathnavelu tweeted, "Congrats for your beautiful musical Moon @ThisIsDSP I am one of the few who has seen your visual talent." Getting appreciations from an ace cameraman like him was really big thing for Devi Sri Prasad, who replied, "Wowwww!!! An appreciation frm U means a Lot sirrrr !!! Thaaaankuu soo much Dear Randy sirrr. @RathnaveluDop Multiple musical notes"

Devi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri PrasadTwitter

Harish Shankar: Wowwwwww super Sir jiiii

Madhura Sreedhar Reddy: Superbbbbbbbbb andi... correlating the visuals of moon and passing clouds with pandemic is very creative! Cheers! Clapping hands signOk hand

Director Munna: Wowowowowow..@ThisIsDSP It's not Just MOON...It's HONEYMOON but Single ga .... INCOME ki kaakunda TALENT ki kooda GST vesthe u would b 1 of the Highest Tax payers sirji...

Ramajogaiah Sastry: Time d key lets all b patient vigilant n hopful this too shall pass and we shall get bak to normal Thumbs up Great concept and beautifully shot..thanku sirTwo hearts