Destiny recently received a new update 2.1.0.YouTube

Developer Bungie released a new update, 2.1.0, for its popular video game Destiny on 8 December, which introduced the Sparrow Racing League event to the game.

However, the update was beset with issues as it also brought several bugs and glitches, forcing Bungie to issue a new Hotfix aimed at resolving the glitches.

The new update added new dead ghost locations in the game, with most of these locations on the Moon. These missions can be gained by patrolling, or players can head to the Summoning Pits strike, reported Gamepur while sharing the guide.

Vision 47

The Hall of Wisdom area is where Vision 47 can be found. From their spawning point, players need to go to the hill, then head to the building shaped like a dome. Then, in the hive caves, players reach the hall of wisdom. A little further and a left turn towards the Shrine of Oryx is next.

In order to find the dead ghost, players need to jump on the tiny thing that is jutting out from the pillars, and make another jump behind the tubes.

Ghost Fragment: The Ocean of Storms 2

Players will find the dead ghost in the Circle of Bones area. Head to Hellmouth, but before reaching the Summoning Pits area in Phogoth Strike, there are a set of lights on the right that are seen hanging from the ceiling.

Ghost Fragment: The Exo Stranger 2

The dead ghost is found in the Summoning Pits. This area can be accessed via strike. Players will have to fight Phogoth and will find the dead ghost on the beam, in the middle of the room.

Tips, tricks and guide to better Reputation in Sparrow Racing League

Thanks to update 2.1.0 for, players will be able to play the Sparrow Racing League, which will in turn fetch them better loot drops. But this is possible if players showcase better skills, SRL ranking and reputation.

Here is a guide from Gamepur:

Hit the Blue Gates

Players will need to hit a stretch of Blue Gates in the first race that will boost their speed. They need to hit at least three-four consecutive gates. If players happen to miss the gates, they will find their speed reduced. It will be important for players to hit as many gates as possible to get the necessary boost.

Raising SRL class licence and reputation

Players must note that hitting the gates will not only give them some much needed speed boost but will also earn them SRL Licence and Reputation, they will also be able to unlock higher SRL Licence like Class B and Class A. But for this to happen, players have keep making hits consecutively.

Players who manage to improve their reputation and licence will be able to unlock level-320 items.

Eliminate Opponents

Though the race does not let players use weapons or their abilities to destroy opponents, they can still eliminate opponents by destroying Sparrow. But it must be hit really hard. If a player is struggling to get to the first position, it is advised that they use this method. To attack an opponent, use the bumper button on the controller. 

Master the Track

Campus Martius on Mars and Infinite Descent on Venus are the two tracks in Sparrow Racing League. Players need to keep on doing races repeatedly. This will allow them to know the terrain well and give them an understanding of how opponents react. Players need to have their own tactics and keep bettering their driving skills. Players can increase their SRL reputation by beating their best time.

See that after the completion of the race all the SRL bounties and rewards are collected.