Destiny's previously released The Taken King DLC isn't going out of trend anytime soon. There's so much to explore and find in the expansion that even if you have completed the campaign, there are still a number of reasons why you would want to get back into the thick of things and hunt all the stuff down.

As of now, we are concentrating on the 'No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle' that's apparently a big thing among the Destiny faithful. The rifle packs 290 attack power, and those who have already unlocked it, it has already become their favourite weapon.

So how exactly do you unlock the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle in Destiny's The Taken King expansion? We take a closer look.

Destiny The Taken King – Get No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle

To get the rifle, you must turn in the Cult Ghost from the Paradox Daily mission to Lakshmi-2 (the faction vendor from the Future War Cult) located in the Tower, apart from also pledging your allegiance to this faction. Do this and you will gain 1,000 reputation points from the Future War Cult.

Here on, Lakshmi-2 will ask you to slay a Taken Minotaur and take its Simulation Core. These guys can be found around Venus and the citadel. Kill the creature and pick up the Core, and then return to Lakshmi-2 once more and you will be asked to kill Atheon during the Vault of Glass raid. Kill Atheon and bring the creature's eye to Lakshmi-2.

Once this is done, finish the Shadow of Twilight quest and you will be required to locate a hidden chest on the map. During the quest, your health will keep depleting and you need to stand in special pools of light to counter that. The hidden chest can be found in the map's C area.

For the final quest, you will be sent on the one called Blood of Garden, which is a special 290 Light Black Garden mission. You will need to kill the monsters here and keep your Anger Meter above 100. Here, you will also need to deal with a Groundskeeper.

When the Groundskeeper is dead, head back to Lakshmi-2 again and you'll gain the No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Prima Games]