Bungie, the developer behind the widely popular and well received video game, Destiny: The Taken King, has announced that the game will be getting a new 'Festival of the Lost' to let players celebrate Halloween.

The 'Festival of the Lost' will be available from 26 October to 9 November for Destiny players.

"The Festival of the Lost honours and celebrates the spirits of the dead, Guardian and citizens alike. We commemorate their sacrifices and treasure their memories. We laugh in the face of Death," reads the post on the official page.

Festival of the Lost lets players do the following:

Collect masks: Players can collect 16 masks after they complete the Eva Levante quests. It notes that the Rare masks are for a limited time, but the Legendary ones are permanent.

Festival candy: This will be for a limited period only. Players can collect it from Tower vendors who will offer more questlines.

Eververse dances: New Legendary dances have been added to Eververse. Holiday emotes will be made available for a limited period. But those who purchase it can keep it forever.

Here are some of the things that players can buy from the vendor:

  • Treasure of the Lost (Mystery Bag) – 500 Silver
  • Boo (Emote) – 300 Silver
  • Sorrow (Emote) – 200 Silver
  • Zombie Dance (Emote) – 700 Silver
  • Monster Dance (Emote) – 500 Silver
  • Enthusiastic Dance (Emote) – 500 Silver

Cathedral of Dusk: A new crucible map has been made available for owners of The Taken King DLC. This is a "new space to prepare for war" and will remain in rotation after the end of Festival of Lost for players owning Destiny: The Taken King DLC.

Real-life masks: Bungie has added real-life masks to Guardians, which can be downloaded and printed. Masks include – Engram, The Speaker, Eris Morn and Oryx.

Costume Contest: This is a new event teased by Bungie where it asks players to do the following:

Favourites will be chosen by Bungie. It will be based on humor, creativity or epicness.

Also there are three categories: 

  • Best Costume Portrait
  • Best Costume Portrait
  • Best Dance Party

Th winners of the event will be announced during the Bungie Weekly update. Below are the prizes that will be awarded:

  • First Prize: Collector's Edition Strange Coin
  • Second Prize: Exotic Engram Stress Ball
  • Third Prize: Legendary Engram Stress Ball