Destiny was released on 9 September, 2014.Facebook

Destiny can be a formidable game but as players move up the levels in the game it becomes repetitive. Players hate this aspect.

However, Bungie has solution to this; it has many PvP (Player vs. Player) events. And one of it is Iron Banner. But the problem with the event is that players get special gears during special occasions and that too after doing certain things in the game repetitively. They also have to log long hours of playtime in the game to get the gear.

A Redditor, Debo37 (via Gameranx) has however found a way past this, he has provided players with a strategy to get the loot from Iron Banner without doing those repetitive tasks. Players have to note that this strategy from the Redditor has a requirement that they must have engaged in Iron Banner previously.

Below are the steps in Destiny to lay hands on Iron Banner items without farming:

Step 1: Log into Destiny before the weekly reset and get your preferred character to Orbit before the reset happens, and stay in Orbit through the reset. I like to log in around 15 minutes before the clock ticks over and starts the new week, but if you're playing long before that's fine too. Just make sure you're in Orbit before the reset happens - while that might just be superstition on my part, you can only screw this up by logging out or changing characters once the reset has already happened. I had a friend suffer a network error that forced him to re-log, which ruined this method for him.

Step 2: Launch into a new Tower instance a couple minutes after the reset - I usually wait 2 or 3 minutes to make sure I get matchmade into an instance with the upper plaza open, and not a "stale" instance where the door is still closed.

Step 3: Buy your phat new loots from Lord Saladin - he should still treat you as though you're of the same rank you were in the last Iron Banner, but he'll be selling the new stuff for the week. Snag those weapons and armor real quick - I recommend having your Glimmer maxed beforehand, because leaving the Tower to go grind Exclusion Zone for more Glimmer forces is a risky proposition that could result in a network error (which will log you out, forcing you to log in again and thus wipe last IB's rank).