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Thanks to the previous Twitch live stream, we now have a clear view of what the upcoming House of Wolves DLC for Destiny is set to bring. While we have detailed on the features already, one of the features the DLC will bring is a new social meeting place known as the Reef.

When in the Reef, players will be able to meet other players, while interacting with new characters to acquire weapons and equipment. And as we mentioned before, thanks to the Twitch live stream of the same, we have been given a clear picture of the Reef.

Here is the list of all the characters you will now get to interact with in the Reef:

Variks, the Loyal (House of Judgment)
With House of Wolves, you will have the opportunity to come across Variks, which, in turn, should also introduce you to a member of the Fallen from the House of Judgment, while also running the Prison of Elders. The Fallen still remain loyal to the queen and won't coincide with the fact that you have killed a few on your past exploits. The member should offer you Fallen themed class items like Wolfslayer's Claw auto rifle, aside ships from House of Winter and House of Devils. You can now take on multiple in-game challenges, and later exchange the content drop with Variks for better gear and equipment.

Petra Venj (Queen's Wrath)
Petra is basically the main story agent for House of Wolves. She has a different avatar now, has lost her mask and harmed her left eye. You can speak to her to seek revenge, and that should open you up to new bounty. For what we know, as far as the bounties are concerned, they include hunting Drevis and Wolf Baroness (near the Cosmodrome's Forgotten Shore to gain +250 Queen's Wrath and +4,500 Experience). You can also go after Beltrik the Veiled in the Ember Caves on Venus for the same rewards. There is a number of Queen's Wrath armour and weapons for you to obtain in the process, aside the Ceres Galliot Awoken ship that can explore the Reef, and then some.

Brother Vance (Disciple of Osiris)
If you walk away from Variks a bit, you should come across the guide for House of Wolves, the Disciple of Osiris, surrounded by creepy looking half-burnt candles. He is the robed character who should help you earn rewards, the biggest of which is the hunter gear that transforms you into something of an Egyptian pharaoh.

Sadly though, not much has been said about the Reef apart from the few characters and rewards listed above. Maybe we'll also get to see Xur in the Reef down the line.

[Source: Prima Games]