Destiny was released on 9 September, 2014.Facebook

Destiny's Xur Agent of the Nine, the merchant within the Tower, returns for the 27-28 November weekend. He offers new exotic weapons, armours and other rare goods that can be exchanged with Strange Coins. Xur is known to appear only on weekends.

Xur's inventory has been disappointing for Destiny players for the past few weeks and has not been exuding the level of excitement that it previously did. Nevertheless, Bungie has released a new set of exotic gear.

This is Week 64 of Xur's appearance. Xur will be found standing in the Hall of Guardians.

Xur will only be available from Friday at 5 am ET and depart at 5 am on Sunday.

Here are the items in Xur's inventory for the 27-28 November weekend:

Helm of Saint-14 (13SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 66 / 81
  • Blind enemies inside your Ward of Dawn
  • Gain bonus Super energy on Grenade kills
  • Shields start recovery immediatley after Orb pickup

Crest of Alpha Lupi (13SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 45 / 65
  • Strength: 47 / 67
  • Supers generate an extra Orb. Revive and be revived faster.
  • Increases the amount of Auto Rifle ammunition you can carry
  • Reduces incoming Solar Burn damage

Light Beyond Nemesis (13SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 59 / 74
  • Supers generate an extra Orb. Revive and be revived faster
  • Gain bonus Super energy from melee kills on minions of the Darkness
  • Gain bonus melee energy on Orb pickups

The 4th Horseman (23SC)

  • Attack: 280
  • Magazine: 5
  • Kills with this weapon have the chance to grant bonus ammo to the magazine
  • This weapon can be fired in full-auto mode

Legacy Engram- Special Weapon (31SC)

Three of Coins â€“ 7SC

Glass Needle â€“ 3SC

There is a Special Weapon that Xur is selling, The 4th Horseman that will go to the Special weapons slot and affects Arc elemental damage. It is known to have short range, low impact and slow reload speed. Players can upgrade it with Thunderer perk allowing them to fire in full-auto mode.