Destiny's Xur merchant is back in the Tower selling new items.YouTube

Destiny's Xur Agent of the Nine, the merchant within the Tower, returns for the 25-27 December weekend. He offers new exotic weapons, armours and other rare goods that can be exchanged with Strange Coins. Xur is known to appear only on weekends.

Xur's inventory has been disappointing for Destiny players in the past few weeks. But then, Xur also provided the fan-favourite Gjallarhorn.

Last week, he showed up with The Insurmountable Skullfort, Achlyophage Symbiote and Heart of the Praxic Fire that has been offered several times.

So when we compare it with the offerings from last time, we cannot complain much. Nevertheless, these offering from Xur are something Destiny players look forward to. He has released a new set of exotic gears this week as well.

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This is Week 68 of Xur's appearance. Xur will be found in Tower North, near the Speaker's Observatory. Xur will only be available from Friday at 5 am ET and depart at 5 am on Sunday.

Here are the items in Xur's inventory for the 25-27 December weekend:

The Armamentarium (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Discipline: 43
  • Strength: 46

Bones of Eao (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 42
  • Discipline: 44

The Ram (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Strength: 55

MIDA Multi-Tool (23 SC)

  • Attack: 280
  • Magazine: 21

Legacy Engram- Heavy Weapon (31SC)

Three of Coins (7SC)

Glass Needle (3SC)