Despite the ongoing market volatility, the online natural stone jewelry business is showing signs of recovery as the pandemic has slowed down in the nation, according to Sudhir Kumar & Priyanka N Krishnan, founders of Adore, one of the leading natural stone boutiques in India.

Natural stone business bouncing back

"Though the ongoing market volatility is on the higher side, the end of the pandemic has been a positive sign for us to further increase sales and demand," said Sudhir Kumar, during an interaction with International Business Times, India.

Natural stones

He also added that the popularity of natural stones is rising among the Indian youth, especially after the e-commerce boom where people can select their favorite stone sitting in the comfort of their homes.

"Though Indians had a traditional taste of Gold Jewellery, today's youths are much inclined towards using jewelry that is unique and different from the traditional ones. Sitting in the comfort of home, the users are able to witness the unique designs and experience the beauty of the products upon delivery," added Priyanka.


The natural stone jewelry business has so many challenges

During the talk, Sudhir talked about the challenges faced in the natural stone jewelry business. Priyanka revealed that natural stones don't have many color options, and as a result, some stones are dyed.

However, she made it clear that her company always strives to give the best, and they have adopted a lengthy procedure to make sure that the color doesn't fade away over time.