Arulnithi starrer "Demonte Colony" released on Friday, 22 May. The Tamil movie has been directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu and produced by MK Tamilarasu.

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Horror is one of the most popular genres in Kollywood and "Demonte Colony" also belongs to the same. Hence, it is expected that the film will do well. Let us not forget, the movie is directed by a former associate of leading filmmaker AR Murugadoss. 

'Demonte Colony'
A poster from "Demonte Colony".Demonte Colony Facebook Page

"Demonte Colony" has Aravind Singh's cinematography and popular guitarist Keba Jeremiah's music. 

After consuming too much of alcohol, Sreenivas (Arulnithi), Raghavan, Vimal (Ramesh Thilak) and Sajin plan to do something interesting in their lives and lands at a haunted bungalow at Demonte Colony. But their one-day crazy decision puts their lives in huge trouble as spirits in the house take them hostage. This unimaginable circumstance is the crux of the story and what happens to them is the interesting of the story.

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The reviews say that "Demonte Colony" is taut and exciting thriller film. The first half has been praised to heavens with second half keeping audience hooked to their seats. It has got highly positive reviews. Below, we bring you the reviews posted by the audience:

Studio Flicks Tweeted
#DemonteColony Watchable horror film, 2nd half is better, engaging.crisp 2 hrs, gud performance by 4 male lead characters! No heroine:)
#DemonteColony - 1st half decent, interval block is good! just 4 characters, less thrill, gud music and camera. Raghavan performance is btr!

Only Kollywood Posted
Half way thro #DemonteColony. Momentum oscillates but once the stage is set, there are genuinely creepy scenes & a terrific interval twist.
#DemonteColony has solid, effectively creepy moments

Surendhar MK ‏Tweeted
Half way through #DemonteColony. Despite the sluggish start, the film packs an enormous bunch of surprise with an interesting flashback.
#DemonteColony: While the second half is an engaging treat, the film passes out in its final revelation which is not up to the mark.
#DemonteColony: Debutant dir @AjayGnanamuthu shows some directorial flair with this compelling low-budget horror thriller.
#DemonteColony *attempts* to splatter the cliches of the horror genre that we see regularly in Tamil cinema. Has some solid moments.

Average Ratings Given by Audience/Critics: 3

Aarthi ‏Wrote
#DemonteColony 2.75/5
Healthy First half
Shaggy second half

Rajasekar ‏Posted
Loved #DemonteColony. After Yavarum Nalam and Pizza, this one is a quality horror thriller. Go for it @arulnithitamil @AjayGnanamuthu

Vaikunth Gauti Wrote
‪#‎DemonteColony‬ horror thriller will be new experience to Tamil
Cinema audience. Second half scenes & Climax
will be loved by horror movie lovers. .. Terrific Bgm .(no unwanted comedies heroine item songs .)

Gautham Nanban Posted
#DemonteColony Intervel Now Terrific BG Score , Engaging First Half @arulnithitamil Looking Handsome In New Makeover , Waiting For 2nd Half

Mahesh Kumar ‏Wrote
#DemonteColony - 1st Half
Awesome... Kalakiteenga na @AjayGnanamuthu ...
Goosebumps throughout with thrilling BGM... @arulnithitamil

Common Man Sathish ‏Posted
#DemonteColony will be new experience to Tamil Cinema audience. Second half scenes & Climax will be loved by horror movie lovers.
#DemonteColony - Kudos to Director Ajay Gnanamuthu for taking a movie without heroine, forced comedy scenes & no songs in the second half
‪#‎DemonteColony‬ - Completely different from recent horror flicks in Tamil Cinema. Cinematography by Aravinnd Singh needs special mention for scenes which happens around Demonte Colony. It has come out really well.

Dhaya Alagiri Posted
#DemonteColony good storyline with perfect running time... #scary #horror
#DemonteColony great horror flick with correct dosage of comedy...Loved the movie... Great job @arulnithitamil and team... MUST WATCH !

Sreedhar Pillai Tweeted
#DemonteColony - 3/5. Downside - character establishment in 1st half takes time, real story in 2nd half. On the whole different & watchable.
#DemonteColony 3/5. It's all about creating the right atmosphere - BGM, camera, sharp cuts, production designs gives that eerie feel.
#DemonteColony Horror factor slowly rises, no slapstick comedy,no unwanted songs, no female distractions.@arulnithitamil & friends terrific
#DemonteColony – 3/5. Scary edge of the seat horror thriller.Well crafted by @AjayGnanamuthu,cameraman @AravinndSingh, editor @theedittable

Ramesh ‏Wrote
#DemonteColony [3.25/5] - @kebajer 's BGM is gud.. @arulnithitamil is known for going diff scripts.. This is a winner in Horror genre 4 him
#DemonteColony [3.25/5] - 1st half slowly starts.. 2nd half, flashback are more engaging.. Dir @AjayGnanamuthu makes u hooked till da end..
#DemonteColony [3.25/5] - A horror movie in which hero @arulnithitamil doesn't get any spl treatment.. Story & Screenplay takes precedence..
#DemonteColony [3.25/5] - A good and simple horror movie.. May not be super scary.. But has enough horror/scary moments to satisfy..
#DemonteColony 1st half: Starts slowly.. Once horror elements start, movie picks up speed.. Interesting flashback and a thrilling intrvl blk

Haricharan Pudipeddi Posted
One of the highlights of #DemonteColony, acc to @arulnithitamil, is its great cinematography by @AravinndSingh. Arul raved abt his work
#DemonteColony very smartly made. Proves that a horror flick need not have to rely on the presence of a ghost to generate thrills. Go for it
#DemonteColony running time of 2 hrs approx a big plus. BGM and cinematography will serve as the biggest pillars in drawing audiences.

Anush_Thala Posted
Good movie all of them acred well and looking for its series #DemonteColony

Vijayrambomaxim Wrote
#Demontecolony : 1st Half Superb Thriller :) BGM's Sema.
Waiting For 2nd Half ;)

Mohan VelPosted
A different attempt in Tamil cinema. Unlike other horror movies in Tamil. Much appreciated. @kebajer BGM rock! #DemonteColony

RT_king Wrote
#demontecolony music, a big plus ... No forced comedy like in kanchana 2.. Edge of d seat thriller. Will keep u guessing what's next.
#DemonteColony movie s worth d money... Also a much better film than kanchana 2.. It has its scary moments..

Anantha Geethar Posted
#demontecolony worth a watch..
In lines of pizza2 n pisasu...
Entertaining but nothing new...

Prashanth Wrote
#DemonteColony interval - engaging, but kebahs BGM is too loud, gives a mild head ache.

Karthik journalist ‏Posted
@arulnithitamil #demontecolony nic horror.. you did a lovely performance back to back.. Love to c yu choosing diff subjects interestingly ☺

R.J.Kishore Posted
#DemonteColony after watching the film, I feel like someone standing behind me.. That's the success of this film.. CG work at its best..

Kollywood Cinema Tweeted
#DemonteColony 3.75/5 Excellent Horror Film. Please watch in theater. @arulnithitamil Rocked. First Half Good. Second Half Outstanding.