Bhojpuri song Nisha Upadhyay
Bhojpuri song Lagal Dilwa Pe Chot Band Bhail Hajariya Note by Nisha Upadhyay on demonetisation.Youtube Screenshot

At a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonetisation scheme has been grabbing all the headlines, a singer has come up with a Bhojpuri song on the same.

Singer Nisha Upadhyay has released a new Bhojpuri song titled "Lagal Dilwa Pe Chot Band Bhail Hajariya Note." The song describes the plight that commoners are facing owing to the ban on old 1000 rupee note.

The song starts with the singer expressing grief at the ban on 1000 rupee note, owing to the demonetisation scheme. Another male voice then tries to console the lady saying that the issue will be resolved soon and Modi has taken the step for the larger betterment. Bhojpuri songs are known for their quirky lyrics and this new track is no exception.

Modi's major step to curb circulation of black money in India has been receiving mixed responses across the country. While some have been applauding the PM for the demonetisation scheme, some others have been criticising Modi for the inconvenience caused.

Use of all old 500 rupee and 1000 rupee note has been banned and instead new currency notes are being circulated. The sudden ban on the notes caused difficulty in the day to day lives of the commoners. However, many have been asking people to bear the inconvenience as it will lead to well-being of the masses in the long run.

Check the song "Lagal Dilwa Pe Chot Band Bhail Hajariya Note" below: