As per the orders of  National Green Tribunal (NGT), a campaign will begin from Wednesday to demolish the farm houses illegally built in the Aravalli region, a forest official said. 

The tribunal had ordered for the demolition of all illegal farmhouses on forest land in the Aravalli hills by January 31. The Forest Department had thereafter conducted the survey, which found that around 100 farmhouses were constructed in the Aravalli hills while the cases of 10 farmhouse owners are pending in court.

The Forest Department had urged the district administration to appoint a Duty Magistrate to enable the demolition of these 90-odd farmhouses. For the drive, the Gurugram district administration has also formed a committee that consists of officials of the Forest Department, Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and the Duty Magistrate. 

Gurugram: Illegal farmhouses on Aravalli to be demolished soonIANS

A large number of illegal farm houses have been set up by the people in the Raisina Aravalli hill area near Sohna. These farm houses were built without any government permission.

The farm houses were developed and sold by a private builder before 1990 under the Raisina zone of the Aravalli hills. Some registries belonged to pre-1992. Some of the farm houses have been sold multiple times to different people.

100 Farmhouses to be demolished

"It is mandatory to appoint a Duty Magistrate to sabotage. As far as the Forest Department is concerned, we have prepared at every level. All farm houses will be demolished as per the stipulated time," forest official Karmaveer Malik said. "If anyone creates any problem during the drive, action will be taken against them as per the law," he said.

According to a Forest Department survey, about 100 farmhouses have been built on forest land in the Aravalli area in Gurugram district, mostly in Gwalpahari and Garatpur Bas villages and areas of Sohna and Manesar. Most of these farmhouses are allegedly owned by politicians and retired bureaucrats.

"The demolition drive will be started next week as per NGT orders. A meeting of the committee will also be held before starting the drive. It is mandatory to appoint a Duty Magistrate for such a campaign. This responsibility has been fixed," Divisional Forest Officer Jai Kumar said.