Demi Rose is raising tempersatures yet again with her latest post. In the snap, the model can be seen rocking a fancy two piece bikini. The gorgeous swimwear also seems to have some adornments like a necklace of sorts and chains decorating the bottom. 

Demi's assets are on display in the swimsuit as she stares sultrily at the camera. Demi's hair can be seen falling over her shoulder as it frames her face. Demi Rose sure sems to be on fire. After gaining 14 million followers, it looks like Demi wants to dominate Instagram and by the looks of it she very well might. She has been quite active on Instagram, perhaps in a bid to leave the number 14 million far behind.  

Demi Rose
Demi RoseDemi Rose Official Instagram (demirose)

Demi took to the social media platform to tease her fans with a sizzling snap of herself. In the pic, Demi could be seen showing off her enviable figure. 

From her recent follower milestone, it looks like Instagram is very important to Demi's career and it looks like she will go to any lengths to get more and retain existing fans. She certainly knows how to play the Instagram game. 

Demi has been using Instagram to get some recognition in her own right an d she seems to be succeeding. Demi's initial claim to fame was that she was linked to Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga. But now, Demi is popular in her own right. 

Demi Rose
Demi RoseDemi Rose Official Instagram (demirosemawby)

Demi, however, doesn't only use her Instagram for promotional posts. She recently gave money awy to those in need. She has also used her social media to spread a psotive message. 

Demi Rose may very well be a mogul one day. She certainly seems to know about making sacrifices to keep her body in top shape. Speaking to MailOnline she revealed that she sticks to her 'healthy' routine. She also said that nuts are the fattiest foods she eats.

Well, she certainly looks stunning in the snap. You can check out the pic here: 

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