Demi Rose is working hard. She has been keeping her Instagram account quite active after she hit 14 million followers. There is no doubt that she wants that number to grow.

Her latest post is proof of that. In the snap, Demi can be seen rocking a teeny tiny but gorgeous red bikini. She can be seen posing with a bouquet of roses as she seductively gazes at the camera.

She captioned the post: Dreaming of that first plane ride out..Quarantine must be getting to her after all. Demi seems ready to travel again. 

Demi Rose
Demi RoseDemi Rose Official Instagram (demirosemawby)

But that doesn't mean she is letting a global pandemic get her down. She knows how important Instagram is to her career. And she knows that her fans need more sizzling posts from her. Case in point, her latest snap. At this rate, Demi might very well double the number of her followers.

She sure knows how to tease her fans and keep them coming back for more.

Demi knows that she needs tom serve her own path. And she seems tonne doing so, endorsing and promoting quite a few products and brands on the social media platform.

Demi's claim to fame was that she was linked to Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga. But the model seems to have put that in the past as she works to make her own name. And it looks like Demi might even become a mogul in her own right. We'll just have to wait and see. 

Demi Rose
Demi RoseDemi Rose Official Instagram (demirosemawby)

Demi seems to know how to inject product placements into her post seamlessly. Which is a very important skill to have, especially on Instagram.

Demi, however doesn't only use the social media platform to benefit herself, but also others. She recently gave away a good chunk of money to help those in need.

Demi also likes to keep her body in top shape as she knows her figure and her assets are one of the main reasons the fans keep coming back for more.

Speaking to MailOnline she revealed that she sticks to her 'healthy' routine while also saying that nuts are the fattiest foods she eats. You can check out the pic here: