Vitality Air
An image of bottled air being sold in pollution affected areas around the world by a Canadian firm is soon expected to come to India.Vitality Air Twitter

Air pollution level is at an all-time high in Delhi. This is certainly something to panic about as was evident with the massive protest held at Jantar Mantar earlier on Sunday.

Massive car accidents are killing people who have landed in pile-ups on highways due to low visibility. The state government, finally taking notice of the severity of the situation, has begun issuing emergency measures, as was taken by China when pollutions levels in the country had touched the WHO red zone.

Shutting down schools, a temporary ban on the use of diesel-powered generators, halting construction and demolition work and issuing traffic restrictions, these were the same measures that were flatly dismissed as unviable by Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Nagendar Sharma when he spoke to International Business Times, India, on October 25, a week before Diwali.

Another measure announced by them in an emergency meeting held on Sunday that has so far got a dubious reputation among scientific circles is the return of the odd-even scheme.

Not convinced of the state government aptly handling the situation and not leaving things up to chance while the quality of air continues to plunge to dangerous levels, citizens, meanwhile, are rushing to online retailers, chemists and retail shops to buy air purifiers and masks.

But soon, expected by the end of November, Delhites will be able to get their hands on a unique product, the details of which were first alluded to earlier this year in May.

Canada-based company Vitality Air, which pioneered and made headlines after it started cashing in on the abysmal pollution in China and was later followed by Australian company Green and Clean Air, announced that it will begin shipping its packaged air to India at approximately Rs 12.50 a breath.

Speaking to International Business Times, India, Vitality Air co-founder Moses Lam said that they are planning to ship 10,000 bottles each of packaged air to Delhi and Chennai that will be priced roughly between $26 to $28. Though the cost of Rs 12.50 a breath may not be the same, the 160 breaths in a bottle that Moses is selling will still be competitive or cheaper than the cost of a cigarette in India.

Moses said that they currently produce two products – Fresh Air and Pure Oxygen – and are selling them in many locations around the world. In southeast Asia, their operations extend to China, Korea and Vietnam.

They even tweeted about their plans!

Moses explained that back in May, they sampled roughly 400 bottles, which were sold out in a day. As the exercise was on a relatively small scale, they don't have any studies in consumer behaviour but they expect to undertake some studies as they tie up with distributors and other shops and kiosks already operating in India. Without divulging any details of any stores that he has already partnered with, Moses ruled out the possibility of opening a Vitality Air retail store.

But the main reason, he asserted, people will be encouraged and interested to buy this product is the novelty aspect of it. A unique gift that you can give to your loved ones while poisonous air all around them threatens their existence, that certainly means a lot!