A Special Cell team of Delhi Police has arrested three Khalistan movement sympathizers, who were conspiring to carry out target killings in various northeastern states of India. The Khalistan Liberation Force terrorists were acting on the directions of Pakistan ISI sponsored Khalistani leaders, Delhi Special Cell Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjeev Kumar Yadav revealed in a statement on Saturday.

The police recovered three pistols with live cartridges, an iPhone and two Android phones, which claim to have incriminating videos and photos related to the Khalistani movement and their propagators. The terrorists are identified as 29-year-old Mohinder Pal Singh a resident of Delhi, 41-year-old Gurtej Singh a resident of Punjab, and 21-year-old Lovepreet a resident of Haryana.

The Delhi Police had received a tip-off regarding the activities of Mohinder, which was planning to carry out terrorist activity in Delhi. The cops laid a trap near Hastsal on June 15, post which he was arrested.

Khalistani terrorists arrested
Khalistani terrorists arrested

Mohinder's investigation led the cops to Lovepreet, who was arrested from the Kaithal district in Haryana. The duo then led to Mansa in Punjab, where Gurtez was arrested, Yadav said in a statement.

KLF terrorists and their profiles

Gurtej's father was a Subedar in the Army and born in Assam. He was a part of 21 member Hawara committee, where he started luring youth and turned Lovepreet and 5 others into the Khalistan movement. Gurtej and Lovepreet were planning to cross the border to Pakistan, where an ISI handler Abdullah was to arrange for their training. But the lockdown restrictions prevented that from happening.

Mohinder was born in Baramulla and came to Delhi in 2007 for studies. He was in touch with Harminder Singh Minto, a former Indian chief of KLF and had an ideology of contributing to the Khalistan movement. Mohinder had arranged for a firearm with ammunition from Lovepreet on the instructions from Pak ISI.

Anti Pak

Lovepreet used to work at a computer repair shop before he started installing CCTV cameras at home. He'd been linked to Khalistan movement for 3-4 years. Lovepreet was planning to kill one Samana, who had allegedly disrespected Guru Granth Sahib and one Shiv Sena leader. Lovepreet was active on social media platforms, stayed in contact with the Khalistan movement members and also ran several pages on Facebook. He had shared several incriminating videos and photos supporting Khalistan leaders and their movement.

ISI-sponsored KLF links

The arrested terrorists disclosed their links to KLF leaders settled abroad and their intentions to carry out targeted killings on the orders from Khalistani terrorists sponsored by ISI. A Pakistani ISI handler Abdullah was in touch with Gurtej. A close aide of Hafiz Saeed - Gopal Singh Chawla, who is based in Pakistan, along with Avtar Singh Pannu of Sikhs For Justice, were also in touch with Gurtej. The Delhi Special Cell is working to identify other members of the network, including those based abroad.