The Delhi government has imposed a new traffic law to curb air pollution in the capital, a day after the Delhi High Court compared the city to a "gas chamber." The new traffic law, widely referred to as odd-even rule or odd-even logic, will take effect starting 1 January.

As per the law, private vehicles with odd and even registration plates will be allowed to ply on alternate days.

While CM Arvind Kejriwal seems confident with the implementation of the Beijing-like traffic law, Delhites have strongly criticized its execution, raising questions and concerns about how it will work.

Among other questions raised by the citizens, it has been unclear on which days odd and even number plated vehicles will be allowed on road. To answer that, the Delhi government revealed that private vehicles with odd registration plates will be allowed to ply on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while even-numbered vehicles will be allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Times of India reported.

On Sundays, both odd and even numbered vehicles will be allowed freely.

"We will allow odd and even numbered vehicles on Sunday as there is no heavy traffic on the capital's roads on that day. We have enough time to make a strategy on the implementation of odd and even formula," Delhi Home Minister Satyendra Jain said, according to the Indian Express.

The state government also revealed it will rest its odd-even rule for emergency vehicles such as PCR van, fire tenders and ambulances.

For the new odd-even traffic rule to work, peoples' participation is highly essential. Delhi was ranked as the world's most polluted city in a recent WHO report. It is now the responsibility of every individual to take necessary action to curb air pollution, which elevates risk of respiratory diseases such as asthma and even some cardiovascular diseases.

Jain also said the odd-even traffic law will be applicable for all, including the vehicles of ministers and bureaucrats in Delhi, and promotes car-pooling.

"I will also use my car on alternate days and will use carpooling service on other days" he said.