Following controversial bans in India, the Delhi government in led by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has proposed a new plan to curb the alarming rise in air pollution. A day after the Delhi High Court compared the city to a "gas chamber", the state government issued an order that will allow private vehicles with odd and even registration numbers on roads on alternate days, starting 1 January.

The move by the Kejriwal government is commendable in many ways, as it is aimed at lowering vehicular pollution by 50%. But Delhites do not share the same enthusiasm, as it poses many challenges for a regular commuter working in odd shifts or travelling between days.

Soon after the odd-even formula was passed, which bears "zero tolerance for violation", Twitter was stormed with fuming and comical responses. Here are a few tweets mocking the government's decision and also pointing out some valid points. Twtitterati also started a hashtag #DelhiOddEvenLogic.

Some Delhites were not in the mood for any amusement with #DelhiOddEvenLogic:

Some, however, supported the new rule in favour of the long-term result.