A 37-year-old mother of three was abducted in a Meru cab in Delhi on Thursday and was taken to a shop where she was gangraped by the driver and four other men, the police said on Saturday. 

The woman, a resident of Sagarpur near Paschim Vihar in west Delhi, was abducted at about 10.30 pm on Thursday when she had stepped out of her house to go to a nearby shop, IANS reported.

A Meru Cabs taxi stopped near her as she was walking, and two men in the backseat forced her inside the vehicle. The men then drove the woman around for at least an hour, before taking her to a shop in Peeragarhi 15 km away, where she was raped by five men. 

"The woman was kidnapped in Sagarpur near Paschim Vihar and gang-raped at a shop in Peeragarhi. The shop is about 15 km away from the spot from where she was kidnapped," a police officer told IANS. 

The Meru Cab driver was reportedly known to the woman. 

"The three men (including a driver known to her) drove her around on west Delhi roads for over an hour during which they were talking to somebody on mobile phone," the police said. 

The five men, including the driver, took turns at raping her and let her go at about 4.30 am the next morning. 

The woman, who lives with her three children and is reportedly separated form her husband, informed the police, who took information about the driver from Meru Cabs and arrested him along with his accomplices. 

"Meru provided full support to the police by identifying the location of the vehicle, residence address of the driver and background details. This helped the police confiscate the vehicle and nab the driver within hours," a Meru cabs spokesperson told IANS. 

A medical test confirmed rape and the police have registered a case of gang-rape and abduction on the complaint by the woman. 

Last year, another radio cab service Uber had been embroiled in a rape case in Delhi after a cab driver allegedly raped a 27-year-old woman on 5 December. 

The incident sparked national outrage and prompted the state government to place a temporary ban on radio cab services in the capital.