A corporate lawyer attached a spy camera to his right shoe and used it to record video clips of women in short skirts and dresses at a mall in Delhi, and was caught in the act on Saturday.

Advocate Ashish Sharma, 34, was tailing women at a mall in Delhi's Saket area on Saturday, placing his right foot close to them to capture videos through the camera he had concealed under his shoe lace, reports said. 

The manager of a store at the mall found Sharma's behaviour suspicious and questioned him. Sharma panicked and tried to run away, but was apprehended by the security at the mall, who found the hidden camera on his shoe and informed the police. 

The police found at least 12 obscene video clips from the 16GB memory card attached to the camera, the Press Trust of India reported. 

"I found his activities suspicious as he was putting his right leg near girls. I informed the mall manager Yatin Bhatia, who came with three security guards," store manager Sunil Arora told The Indian Express. 

"They caught Sharma and we took him into the mall security room. On checking him, we found a spy camera between the lace of his right shoe. It was on video-recording mode," he said. 

The police are now probing if Sharma took more such videos and whether he circulated the videos online.

The lawyer, who works at a corporate firm in Noida, is reportedly the son of a senior official in Haryana. He said that he got the idea of using a spy cam in his shoe through some websites.

Sharma has been charged under sections  354-C (watching or capturing an image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would usually have the expectation of not being observed either by the perpetrator) and 354-D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code.