Delhi Gang Rape Case: Five Prosecution Witness to Testify Against Accused on Tuesday
Delhi Gang Rape Case: Five Prosecution Witness to Testify Against Accused on Tuesday Reuters

Police on Thursday filed a chargesheet against the five accused in the Delhi rape-case, leaving out the juvenile who may walk out free in a few months under the present juvenile law.

The brother of the 23-year-old medical student, who breathed her on Dec 29, is disappointed as the youngest accused is not included along with the other five in the chargesheet since he is a minor.

The victim's brother said that the juvenile cannot be treated more kindly merely on the basis of his age, PTI reported.

The juvenile, who will be considered an adult in a few months, is alleged to be the cruellest of all the accused in the horrific gang-rape incident.

According to the chargesheet filed by Delhi police, the youngest accused raped her twice and ripped off her intestines with his bare hands. He also suggested that the girl be thrown off the moving bus naked.

The victim's brother said the sixth accused should be tried in court as an adult.   

"The person who has been left out is just four months from being a major and is well aware of what is right and wrong and he needs to be treated as a major," the victim's brother told reporters, PTI reported.

He also insisted the police to include the juvenile's name in the chargesheet or else the family would be forced to explore other legal options.

The victim's father too demanded for harsher punishment for all the accused including the minor as inflicted the most damage.

Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Krishna Tirath also said that the minor should be treated as an exception to the law and not let go off lightly.

"From what I have learnt, one of the culprits in the case is not 18 years and falls short by a few months. Keeping in mind the gruesome nature of the crime, I feel he should not be let off lightly considering he played a prominent role in the violent act," Tirath told PTI. 

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