The 23-year-old victim of Sunday's gang-rape horror is still in critical condition but putting up a good fight to survive, said reports.

Authorities at Safdarjung Hospital, where the girl is being treated, gave an account of her condition, citing it as "critical and deteriorating."

"Her condition is critical and deteriorating. In the morning, she was better but, in the evening, the situation fluctuated and her health deteriorated," Dr BD Athani, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, told PTI.

The victim is conscious and is still kept on ventilator support at the ICU. She was said to have sustained severe injuries to her genitalia and abdomen as well as permanent injuries to her internal organs. The girl is receiving morphine infusions to alleviate her pain.  

According to Hindustan Times, the girl's platelet level and blood pressure had dropped considerably, indicating an infection.  She had undergone a life-saving operation after being admitted and may require more operations soon.

Unable to speak, the girl has begun communicating by scribbling notes to doctors.  The next 24-48 hours are critical for her health.

Joining in her fight for survival are thousands of citizens who are now praying for her recovery. Shocked by the victim's plight after the harrowing incident, activists and common people took to the roads and chorused demands for justice. They also demanded the government to make India, particularly Delhi a safer place for women.

The horrific incident took place on Sunday night, when the girl and her male friend boarded a bus in South Delhi. They were pounced upon by a group of men, who mercilessly beat them with iron rods and raped the girl. The couple were thrown onto the road in a semi-naked condition.  Police received an alert of the incident and admitted the pair to the hospital.