The youngest perpetrator of the 2012 Delhi gang-rape of a 23-year-old paramedic, who was minor at the time of crime, has been in close contact with the convict of the Delhi High Court blast at the juvenile home and is apparently being radicalised by the latter to join jihad, intelligence agencies have warned. 

Both men, who are now 20, were sentenced to three years of custody at a remand home for their crimes. 

The convict in the 2011 blasts at Delhi High Court was sentenced last year and was sharing a room with the youth guilty of Delhi gang-rape at the remand home in Majnu Ka Tila in Delhi when intelligence agencies alerted the Juvenile Justice Board to separate the two after fears of radicalisation, The Times of India reported. 

Both the inmates have now been separated at the remand home and are not allowed to meet, the report said. 

However, in July this year, a Hindustan Times report had said that the juvenile involed in the gang-rape had become "religious" and "disciplined", with welfare officials calling him a "changed" person. 

"After seeing his behaviour here for these two-and-a-half years, no one can say he has committed rape. He is one of the most disciplined children. He never gets involved in any violence," an official of the juvenile home had told HT. 

The Delhi gang-rape convict was said to be the most vicious among the six men who had raped and killed the 23-year-old woman in a moving bus on 16 December, 2012. The huge uproar over the incident had forced the government to work on a stricter law to prevent the crimes against women and it even became an international issue.

The youth is all set to be released from the juvenile home this December.

The juvenile involved in the Delhi HC blast hails from Kishtwar in Jammu and Kashmir and was sentenced for his role in the attack that had killed 15 people. They were charged with offences dealing with waging war against the country and criminal conspiracy.