A day after a medico, serving in a private hospital, exposed VIP culture; another doctor expressed his helplessness to get a bed for his ailing veteran father in the All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi, where he himself has served for last one decade.

The "helpless" doctor takes to social media to highlight his 'plight' and to expose the alleged "bed occupancy scandal" in the prestigious institute of the country.

"I have myself served AIIMS for the past 10 years. Still can't get my father admitted to Trauma Centre. I myself a doctor and my father an Air Force officer. He is sick. Like really sick. His room air saturation is 70%. He has Leukemia", Dr. Aditya Gupta posted on the micro-blogging networking site Twitter, highlighting his helplessness amid the pandemic.

Dr. Gupta is junior resident pediatrics at AIIMS Delhi, according to his Twitter bio.

Covid beds

"Anyone wants to know what VIP culture is. I'll tell you. Beds in AIIMS are vacant but shown occupied by people in private ward having just fever. Won't name the politicians. While my father - an Indian Air Force officer, fighting for this country for the past 30 years- denied a bed," Gupta tweeted, adding, "I'm begging everyone to no vail."

AIIMS shortcoming

International Business Times made several attempts to get a statement from AIIMS management, but there was no response. The story will be duly updated if and when we get a statement from the hospital.

Why not Army base hospital?

As some netizens suggested he contact Base hospital at Delhi Cantt, Dr. Adiyta replied, "The base hospital doesn't have transfusion support which he requires of his Leukemia. Initially he was admitted there. But required platelets which took 48 hours to arrange. Hence got him to AIIMS."

Reacting sharply to the helplessness of a serving doctor in getting a bed for his veteran father, netizens are aghast over prevailing chaos in the country after a spike in COVID positive cases.

"Not only in AIIMS, but that's also the scenario in many hospitals. Tried to highlight it but who cares", one Jeevan Prakash Sharma tweeted while reacting to Dr. Aditya's series of tweets.

hospital beds

"Bhai at the moment I have no power to help but just pray. In the short term VIPs, culture will not change. In long term, it probably depends on us to eliminate these privileges in whatever way wherever we can", another netizen Prakash Bajpai replied.

Similar incident, different victim

Earlier on Saturday, Dr. Manish Jangra has uploaded a video on social media to highlight prevailing chaos in hospitals. Dr. Jangra, who claimed to be the media in charge of the Federation of All India Medical Association (FAIMA) said that he was denied a bed in a private hospital where he himself served as a doctor.