Delhi smog masks
A traffic policeman wears a mask to protect himself from air pollution as he stands on a road-divider in New Delhi, India [Representational Image].Reuters

The air pollution level in Delhi has hit one of its highest levels this month as residents have been suffering from respiratory and vision problems due to threatening levels of smog.

Residents of the city have been advised not to move outdoors without anti-pollution masks. However, it looks like retailers selling such masks are taking advantage of the adverse situation.

With the sudden rise in demand of pollution masks, it appears that vendors are fleecing customers by charging much more than the actual price of the masks. Many residents of Delhi have been alleging that the retailers charge around Rs 2,000 for the basic masks, let alone the more sophisticated ones.

People have been taking to social media to describe the inconveniences caused by the extreme pollution level in Delhi. The thick smog has caused many health hazards, especially for children and aged people.

While residents are forced to put on anti-pollution masks to avoid health issues, the apparent hike in prices of the devices have just added to the woes of Delhiites. Several people on Twitter have been alleging that the sellers have suddenly hiked the prices of the much-needed masks.

While some retail shops have been running out of stock, some others allegedly are charging much extra for the masks. People on Twitter have also alleged that the masks are being sold in black without proper bills.

Popular writer Taslima Nasreen took to Twitter and said that she bought a simple mask but the retailer charged Rs 2,000 for it. While some of the residents said that the pollution level has come down considerably since Tuesday, some others opined that it is still over the danger mark.

Check some of the tweets suggesting that the retailers of anti-pollution masks in Delhi have been charging much extra than the actual price.