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A 26-year-old woman was arrested in relation to a murder that took place in East Delhi's Samachar Apartments on Wednesday. The police said that the woman, who was found on the basis of CCTV footage, confessed to the murder.

The woman, who was preparing for competitive exams, was forced into a physical relationship with the 64-year-old retired government official, Vijaykumar, after he promised to help her with finding a job. He allegedly filmed the girl and himself in a compromising position to further exploit her. She killed the man in vengeance, the police said.

The murder came to light when the man's daughter, who is a journalist working for Rajya Sabha TV, called him and did not receive a response. She later visited his flat, which was in the same apartment complex as her, and found him lying in a semi-nude position with multiple injuries on his body.

The woman was not seen entering the apartment complex, but was seen leaving it on the CCTV footage. She had also carried off a television set from the house of the victim. Robbery, however, was not the main objective of the murder, the police said, as there was no forced entry and there were tea cups in the bedroom.

"The victim had also prepared some video clips of the accused with himself. She admitted stabbing Vijay Kumar whom she accused of forcing her into continuing the physical relationship," said the officer.

Initially, it was suspected that the incident was related to robbery.

The retired CGHS officer had moved to Delhi four months ago and was due to turn 65 on Friday. Both his children are journalists, with the son working in Dubai. His wife, who lived with him in the Mayur Vihar flat, worked in the Income Tax Department.