Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor Patch-Up at 'Finding Fanny' Special Screening
Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor Patch-Up at 'Finding Fanny' Special ScreeningVarinder Chawla

A lot has been written about Deepika Padukone and the leading daily's dispute over the cleavage row. While several Bollywood celebrities supported the actress for taking a stand, several others criticised her.

During the promotion of her film "Khoobsurat", Sonam Kapoor was asked about her opinion on Padukone's issue.

The actress took a dig at Padukone's statement and said that people have to respect themselves first to gain respect from others.

"When women stop objectifying themselves, people will stop objectifying them! That is more than enough and we have already spoken so much on it. People have to respect themselves first for people to respect them," actress said during the event.

Previously, Kapoor supported the "Happy New Year" actress and said that incident is unfortunate and she feels bad for Padukone as well as for other actresses. But at the recent event, the outspoken actress changed her stance completely.

Even when a reporter called her and Padukone "good friends", the actress interrupting the reporter said that they are not friends.

"I never said that she's a friend of mine but yes, we are colleagues," Kapoor said.

The reason why the "Khoobsurat" actress changed her stance on the whole issue is unknown, but she is not the only one who has not spoken out in support of the "Finding Fanny" actress.

Former Bollywood actress Pooja Bedi supporting the leading daily said that she doesn't understand why things are different for men and women.

"In this era of women emancipation, we have forgotten that it should be about equality, not being over-sensitive. We don't go into a hostile frenzy when cameras caress and capture SRK's and Hrithik's perfect six-pack abs. We marvel, we envy and we drool. Why should it be different for a woman?" the actress in an article in The Times of India said.

Watch Kapoor's comment on Padukone's outburst in the video below: