Deepika Padukone is surely making the world stop and skip a heartbeat with her dramatic and awe-inspiring wardrobe at the Cannes Film Festival. From retro to boho to chic, Padukone is leaving no stone unturned in stunning everyone with her sartorial choices. As one of the jury at Cannes, Deepika was asked a question on whether she felt "burdened" by the task of judging the films.

Deepika Padukone at Cannes 2022
Deepika Padukone at Cannes

Deepika's answer

Deepika's answer has now triggered a meme fest on social media. Many have lauded her for the response and many have called it verbal diarrhoea. "I think we are all aware of the fact that it is a huge responsibility. But, I think, we have also made a promise to each other yesterday that we are not going to burden ourselves with that responsibility. I think the idea is to remind ourselves of that audience, or of that young child who's grown up watching movies and been inspired," she said.

The Padmaavat actress went on to add, "I think cinema is such a powerful tool, such a powerful medium, it has the ability to impact people's lives and touch and influence people's lives. So, I think, for the next two weeks, [we must forget] that we have this burden and this responsibility and actually just enjoy the creative process, that's sort of what we are all here to do. I think we are all creative people. I don't think any of us have the capacity to judge, or to critique, or to criticize."

Deepika, Aishwarya at Cannes
Deepika, Aishwarya at CannesInstagram

Trolls jump in

Now, netizens are not happy with Deepika saying "don't think any of us have the capacity to judge, or to critique, or to criticize" despite sitting in the position of a jury. "The jury is saying they are not there to judge? Like every Indian, we don't do what we supposed to do," commented one user. "Such prolific nonsense but just because she is so beautiful one can bear that much verbal farrago," opined another user.

"How can Deepika be a Cannnes jury mannn!!!" questioned another user. "Oh god. Every single time, she speaks many sentences, but at the end no one actually gets what exactly she tried to convey," wrote another netizen.