Actress Deepika Padukone has disappointed many followers on social media with her TikTok challenge. People have said that she is hitting a new low by commercializing Malti's look from Chhapaak after her infamous JNU visit.

Deepika Padukone extended her support to the JNU students' protest in Delhi days before the release of Chhapaak. Her move backfired as the movie bombed at the box office. But she does not seem to have learned a lesson as she has gone on to try another exercise through a TikTok challenge.

During the promotions of the movie, Deepika Padukone met several influences on TikTok. One of the videos is now creating headlines for all wrong reasons. In the video, the actress is challenging a TikTok star with the handle @faby_makeupartist to recreate three of her favourite looks from the movie. 

Deepika Padukone Chhapaak
Laxmi Agarwal (left) and Deepika Padukone.Twitter

In the video, Deepika Padukone is seen saying, "I want to challenge Faby with three of my favourite looks. The first one is Om Shanthi Om. The second is Piku and third one is Malti from Chhapaak." Faby is seen replying, "Ok cool! Let's do it." Later, she tries all the three looks challenged by DP.

What has upset the people on social media is the look of Malti from Chhapaak, which is based on the life of Laxmi Agarwal, an acid attack survivor. They said that after mocking Laxmi through her PR stunts in JNU, Deepika Padukone has gone on to commercialise her suffering through a Tiktok challenge.

Here is what people say about Deepika Padukone's TikTok challenge

Dr Smokiee @SmokingSkills_

And just when we thought that @deepikapadukone couldn't mock Lakshmi anymore through her PR stunts in JNU she comes up with tick tok challenge on acid attack victims. Gross.

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra @Iyervval

Telling you this as the son of an acid attack victim: @deepikapadukone you are one sick human being. My mother had to undergo years of surgery & emotional trauma. The victims are strong & beautiful, your commercialisation of their suffering is disgusting

Deepika Padukone shows her soliderity with JNU students' protest
Deepika Padukone shows her soliderity with JNU students' protestTwitter

Ishita Yadav @IshitaYadav

This is really disrespectful to acid attack victims, @deepikapadukone. How disgustingly low are you going to stoop to promote yourself?

Shash @pokershash

So "Acid Attacked Face" has now become challenge now. This is the worst kind of a promotion by @deepikapadukone. Shame on you

Shefali Vaidya @ShefVaidya

How cheap is this. 'Acid attack victim look' is @deepikapadukone's 'favourite look'?

Srikanth @srikanthbjp_

Acid attack Make-up ?? How low it can get ?? Shame on you !! @deepikapadukone

Smita Barooah @smitabarooah

No @deepikapadukone.This promo isn't cool or cute. It's insensitive & ghastly. The movie wasn't about you & your make up. It was about a woman scarred for life.And victims like her,whose marks can't be wiped off,unlike your make up. You lost the plot,alas.

Shreena @laughsfliesaway

Is @deepikapadukone trying to share the struggle story of an acid victim or does she only care about commercialising her movie for her greed for money that she's encouraging memes and tiktok challenges?

x @krownnist

The problem with Deepika Padukone endorsing a makeup challenge on Chhapak is that she treated it as one of her "looks" and dismissed the entire trauma behind it. She proved that it was merely makeup for her & she clearly doesn't understand the depth of what survivors go through.