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In an early morning teet, US President Donald Trump accused "deep state" at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of delaying the coronavirus vaccine until November 3.

'Deep state' behind delay

"Deep state" is a term coined by conspiracy theorists who say that is a hidden group of people in the government who wants to subvert and interfere with Donald Trump's agenda. Ironically, the current FDA chief Dr. Stephen Hahn was nominated by Trump himself in 2019.

In the tweet, Trump implied that the FDA is delaying the coronavirus vaccine until November 3 to impact the out of the November election.

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US election is scheduled for November 3 and Trump is vying for a second term.

Trump, who is facing flak for his handling of the pandemic and under whose watch more than 174,000 Americans have died due to COVID 19, hinted at the source of his skepticism by retweeting a Twitter moment from June 15 that mentioned FDA canceling the hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as an effective treatment against COVID 19.

He retweeted the two-month-old twitter moment with the caption, "Many doctors and studies disagree with this!" Though he didn't name which doctor or the medical body disagreed with the FDA.

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FDA banned HCQ after it failed to treat covid1-9

After a few months of clinical trials of HCQ, FDA had banned using the drug saying it didn't prove effective against coronavirus. Trump had touted its efficacy and even claimed that he had taken a full course to protect himself against the virus. FDA and other medical bodies had advised against using HCQ.

donald trump
donald trump
donald trump

In July, Trump had tweeted a video of controversial doctor Samuel Immanuel who had claimed that coronavirus can be treated by HCQ. Immanuel came to limelight after she pushed a weird theory that infertility happens due to demon sperm.

The clinical trials of several medicines are going on around the globe but so far no vaccines have been approved by WHO as effective against the coronavirus.

While Russia recently announced that it has made coronavirus vaccine, WHO debunked it as useless.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the American doctor who is leading the task force against coronavirus in the US expressed hope that an effective vaccine could be found by end of this year but he cautioned that the governments should not rush to get the vaccine without proper trial and tests.