Several people who have faced near-death experiences (NDE) had claimed that death is a very peaceful experience. Some of these people even argue that death is something that will offer euphoria to people, and after taking the last breath, a human soul will reach a different spiritual realm. However, a woman named Sandy whose heart stopped for 12 minutes has now revealed that death is a terrifying experience.

Sandy's terrifying near-death experience

In a recent post on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF), Sandy claimed that her heart stopped for 12 minutes due to a heart attack. According to Sandy, she had no pulse or brain movement during these moments. Sandy added that she experienced something evil during those final moments. 

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"I started to feel myself fade farther away but yet I knew exactly where I was lying. Although, I was there, I was a million miles away. My friends tell me that I blacked out, and was unresponsive. Yet, I can tell them exactly what they were talking about, where they were, and what they had in their hands at the time. I saw everything, despite my eyes being closed. I tried to hold onto memories, but nothing was working as everything was fading. Then, something was with me. It terrified me. I saw the darkness that felt so dark and evil. I was trying to scream but I couldn't," wrote Sandy on the NDERF website

Sandy claimed that she felt such a horrible presence during those moments, and it still haunts her in life. 

Proof of life after death?

As the NDE testimonial shared by Sandy has gone viral on online platforms, several people started claiming that it could be proof of life after death. However, top expert Sam Parnia who has been studying near-death experiences for several years claims that these hallucinations could be the result of the human brain's survival trick. 

According to Parnia, death is not a black and white moment but is a process. Parnia assures that human life will end when the brain stops functioning.