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 Women might not talk about their 'hairy nipples' considering it to be awkward and embarrassing but some of them actually have it. And, we are not talking about light hair that are not easily visible, it's more like coarse dark hair like chest hair on men.

Though it's not completely unusual to have hair on the nipples as human skin is any way covered with hair follicles, but in some cases, hormonal imbalances can make it more prominent for some.

There's nothing wrong with hormone fluctuations, it's completely normal and natural, but there are times when hairy nipples could be a sign of something serious, The Sun reported.

Cushing's syndrome

Excessive nipple hair in women could be a symptom of Cushing's syndrome -- having too much hormone cortisol in the body can cause that.

Apart from the hairy nipple, the other visible signs of the syndrome include – red, puffy face, increased fat in the chest and tummy area, purple stretch marks, getting bruised easily, low libido, weakness in the upper arms and legs.

Cushing's syndrome should be treated as soon as possible, if it's left without proper medication for a long time, it can cause high blood pressure. The condition usually gets better with proper treatment but can take a long time.

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS affects one in five women in the UK. Sufferers have irregular periods and in severe cases can experience embarrassing hair growth on their faces, chest, and back.

If anyone's experiencing the above symptoms along with hairy nipples should consult your doctor.