Dean Gillen, who is set to fight Vijender Singh on 30 October at Harrow Leisure Centre in London, believes losing is not an option for him. Gillen is relatively new, like Vijender, in the pro boxing arena and the UK pugilist emerged triumphant is his first two professional bouts.

Vijender, who gave up his amateur boxing to become a pro boxer, had a fine start to his professional career as he defeated Sonny Whiting in his maiden fight via technical knockout. It was a huge statement from a boxer, who is just learning the tricks of the trade.

Though it is a huge leap from amateur boxing to the pro level, Vijender looked comfortable in his first bout. His big test will come in the future matches when he goes against top boxers.

The Indian pugilist was relatively successful at the amateur level, winning the 2008 Olympic Games bronze medal and 2010 Asian Games gold medal along with other achievements in the Commonwealth games.

Gillen, who is aware of his achievements and respects Vijender for it, is waiting for the 30 October fight.

"I totally respect what he's done and achieved, but ultimately there'll be two men with gloves on, of equal weight, boxing to the same rules...I'm not kidding myself or anyone else, but that is genuinely the way I am looking at," World Boxing News quoted Gillen as saying.

The contest between the two will be a matter of pride as well for Vijender is a Deputy Superintendent of Police and Gillen is a member of the Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service.

Gillen, who won the 2013 World Police and Firefighter Games in Belfast, believes he is not here to make up numbers and is confident in beating Vijender.

"I might be fighting away but I'm no journeyman, I'm not going in to make up numbers, I'm 'The Fighting Fireman' and I come to fight and I fight to win; at some point he'll have to get beat and that could well be his second fight against me," said Gillen.

"I said from the start of my career that every fight is a title fight and this is no different, losing is not an option for me."

Vijender, who does most of his talking with the gloves, is expecting a serious challenge from the UK boxer. However, if Vijender puts up a fight as he did against Whiting, one will not be surprised if he remains unbeaten after his second pro bout as well.