India's middleweight boxer Vijender Singh, who came up with an impressive debut fight against Sonny Whiting, will face Dean Gillen on 30 October for his second professional fight at Harrow Leisure Centre in London.

Vijender Singh started his preparation for his second fight immediately after defeating Whiting ,which reflects his seriousness towards pro boxing. Vijender will be eager to maintain his winning ways when he squares off against Gillen, who also made his pro debut in May this year, where he defeated Shaun White.

Gillen, a firefighter serving in Nottingham, also defeated Lewis Van Poetsch in his second bout, thus maintaining his unbeaten streak in pro boxing.

Hence, the bout between the two promises to be an entertaining one with two boxers, who have made a fine start to their professional career, though Vijender is one bout junior to Gillen.

Vijender might have won his first bout via technical knock out, but Gillen is also known for his strong punches to floor opponents, as can be understood from his 2013 World Police and Fire Fighter Games in Belfast, where he knocked all his competitors to emerge triumphant and win gold.

Hence Vijender, who feels Gillen will bring some huge challenge during his second bout, wants to be pushed by his opponent in London as he will be able to fight better.

"I can't wait for this fight against Gillen, he's talking the fight and it looks like he will bring me a challenge in my second fight," PTI quoted Vijender as saying.

"From what I have seen of him he looks like a good opponent who will push me and I hope he does because then the better I will fight, I rise to my opponent and it brings the best out in me," he added.

Vijender is no stranger to the UK boxer, who has watched the Indian in the Olympics and his pro boxing debut as well. Gillen is confident in beating Vijender.

"I've watched him in the Olympics and in his pro-debut, he's a world-class kid and I can't wait to get in there and put him to the test," Gillen said.

"He's an Olympian and that speaks for itself, he's a hero in his country and he's idolised by millions of people, but at some point he'll have to get beat and that could well be his second fight against me," he added.