After teasing us with a hilarious clip of "Deadpool" on 3 August, 20th Century Fox has dropped the badass trailer for "Deadpool", and it is awesome. The trailer is everything that Wade Wilson was and became in the comic books.

The action sequences are obviously brilliant and Wilson's twisted sense of humour is effortlessly portrayed by Reynolds. And, to top the excellence of the trailer, "Deadpool" made fun of "green band" and asked young fans to ask their mommies before watching the Red Band trailer and also remind her to call him (she obviously has the number).

The Red Band trailer goes to places Marvel and Disney would never dare to tread and the foul language and graphic violence make it all the more appealing. For those who are wondering, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hilderbrand) does make an appearance and although she has nothing to say, her one shake of the head is equal to ten snarky comments.

Here are some responses to the "Deadpool" Trailer, which came out on 4 August;

Marteion Martin : I can't wait to see this movie next year! I hope Hugh Jackson/Wolverine makes an appearance.

TheBibleReloaded: This will either be the greatest superhero movie ever or the worst. either way I'm sold on seeing it.

Lee Sharp: AWESOME! This is DEADPOOL!!! Nailed it 100%. Cant wait!

20th Century Fox will release "Deadpool" on 12 February 2016. Watch the Red Band trailer below (viewer discretion advised):