'Deadpool' first look
'Deadpool' first lookFacebook/ Deadpool

Marvel generally likes to keep everything about their movies under wraps, but TJ Miller, who plays Weasel in the upcoming "Deadpool" threw caution to the wind and gave out all the nitty gritty details about his upcoming movie.

The comedian, who recently visited Conan O'Brien's talk show "CONAN" revealed many spoilers regarding the Ryan Reynolds movie set for a release in February 2016.

During his interview, Miller revealed that "Deadpool" would be an origin story, but not in the sense that the transition of Wade Wilson in to Deadpool will be revealed but that, it will be the origin of something.

"In a way, everything is an origin story, Conan.. I mean we're seeing how this character is coming about, where he comes from, but also where he is gonna go."

Miller also did not shy away from explaining Ryan Reynolds' part in the movie. Reynolds does things in the film, sometimes he does nothing, he explained. Likewise, Miller's character Jack Hammer aka Weasel also does stuff in the movie, whereas there are times he is not in the movie at all.

One would think Miller would at least leave out specific details about the stunts in the movie. But he went right ahead and revealed that there would be a lot of stunts, but at some points there wouldn't be any stunts. He further stated that he does his own stunts.

"I might have stunts... In parts of the movie, I don't have stunts. At one point I just walk across the street. That's all me, Conan." Miller said proudly.

Marvel is not going to be too happy with all the juicy details about "Deadpool" that Miller has revealed. However, there is also a high chance that they might actually be alright with it.

Miller's character Weasel is the best friend, sidekick and arms dealer to Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool in the upcoming installment of Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Deadpool" will hit theatres on 12 February 2016.