A few days after India lost five security personnel in a terrorist operation at Handwara, a journalist from Pakistan was quoted as saying on an Indian TV news channel, while she was feeling offended about India killing top Hizbul commander Riyaz Naikoo, that 'tiddis' or locusts are crippling Pakistan's economy. If that is the case then how is Pak carrying out terrorist attacks in India? When the entire world is reeling under the coronavirus crisis, how are Pak terrorists entering Indian borders?

Since December 2019, an international locust outbreak of exceptional severity spread across the Horn of Africa and the Middle East before moving on to Asia. Scientists say that the prime reason for this is climate change. This outbreak is moving to Pakistan and the country has laid down an action plan. The Pakistani government has said that a locust migration will start from southwestern Pakistan's Balochistan province and some other countries at the end of May.

Locust swarm somewhere in Africa

Deadly locusts attack PAK

According to sources from the Ministry of National Food Security and Research of Pakistan, the migratory swarms are expected to cross through the cropping area of southern Sindh province during the migration. The statement said that it is difficult to restrict the movement of locusts.

As Pakistan anticipated a possible threat, it has announced a national emergency on locusts, and a national action plan is in place with the Pakistan Army roped in to assist the operation.

Terrorising continues

Earlier the Pakistan Govt had said that due to the coronavirus pandemic the Pakistani economy was badly hit and it will take time to stabilize. Amidst all this, many Indian diplomats are questioning how is Pakistan managing the spread of terrorism when every other country is fighting a pandemic.

It should be noted that Pakistan's current prime minister, Imran Khan, had publicly stated that years ago, in order to wage Jihad against Soviet forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan's Army organized and trained militant groups and many of them continue to operate in Pakistan, four decades after the end of the Soviet-Afghan war. What exactly is their purpose now?

Anti Pak

Gen. Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's former president, had acknowledged that Pakistani intelligence-enabled Jaish and similar groups to carry out attacks within India. Indian officials have since then stated that it is a known fact that such setups have become part of Pakistani strategy against India.

In a recent move, Pakistan had quietly removed the names of around 4,000 terrorists from its watch list and as of today, about 470 terrorists are kept at launchpads by Pakistan for making them creep into India.