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Women expressing their sexuality is considered a taboo and their orgasms are labelled a myth – and in the middle of all the complex theories revolving around how to satisfy women, the easiest way to excuse one's incapability to do so is to blame it on a "dead vagina".

But is the syndrome really a thing?

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The dead vagina syndrome essentially refers to a considerable decrease in vaginal sensitivity post the use of vibrators. The theory supporting it being that if a vibrator is used "too much", one builds up a tolerance to stimulation, thereby making them unable to orgasm via any other means.

According to dead vagina theorists, prolonged use of vibrators desensitise the vagina to that sensation too. In simpler terms, the vagina is almost as good as dead to basically any kind of stimulation or pleasure.

But as scary and possible as that sounds, there's nothing to fear, as certifies gynaecologist Dr Shazia Malik to People with a vagina can rest easy and assured that there's no concrete proof that the syndrome is, in fact, a plausible reality.

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According to Shazia, the decreased sensation in a vagina, just right after using a vibrator is possible, but this state is 'almost always temporary'.

Other instances of decreased sensation can be felt "immediately after childbirth, following sex with another person, while breastfeeding, and even while taking hormonal contraception."

Research shows that this lack of sensation or stimulation caused by excessive usage of a vibrator usually fades within an hour. It's almost like vibrations in hands or any part of the body which can leave the area numb for a little bit before going back to normal.

Another study noted that just 0.5 percent of women report losing sensitivity for longer than a day after using a vibrator. So, it's proven – there's nothing to be concerned about, even barely!

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But the fact that women's stimulation is more easily available and satisfied using gadgets and tools designed for the purpose than with an actual partner still remains a fact. And this is purely due to the fact that one knows their body better than anybody else, instead of desensitisation.

And for everybody suffering from the syndrome or symptoms of a temporarily "dead vagina", Shazia suggests increased time for foreplay. And if one does seem to get a little bit too dependent on the vibrator, they can always take a little break from it.

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If that doesn't help, then a trip to the doctor or gynaecologist is advised, but other than that – as per Shazia – there's no limit to pleasing oneself by using artificial devices.

And there's definitely nothing to be worried about with the vagina going dead, because once again – it's just a myth that has been busted!