Dawood Ibrahim
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Dawood Ibrahim's aide, Yunus Ansari, was arrested in Nepal on Friday (May 24) for having fake Indian currency in his possession amounting to Rs 7.5 crore. Along with Ansari, the police also arrested three Pakistani nationals.

Further investigation revealed that Ansari was carrying out illegal ISI activities in Nepal when he was caught. He is said to be the son of former Nepal minister Saleem Ansari. Yunus was very close to Dawood Ibrahim and helped to bring in fake Indian currency into the country.

Yunus got close to Dawood after he spent a stint in jail and got in touch with the D-Company or the Dawood Company after he was released.

The Nepalese police nabbed the underworld don's aide and the three Pakistani nationals with intelligence provided by Indian agencies.

"We have arrested Yunus Miya Ansari along with 3 Pakistanis and 2 Nepali from the Tribhuwan International Airport with counterfeit Indian Bank Notes. They came to Nepal from Qatar with the fake Indian currencies but their passport shows that their travel starts from Pakistan," Deputy Inspector General Bishwo Raj Pokharel, the Nepal Police spokesman, was quoted as saying by DNA.

He added, "We have recovered four suitcases from them, where fake currency amounting to 7 crores 67 lakhs was found." 

 The three Pakistani men were identified as Mohammad Nasrudin, Mohammad Athar and Nadia Ambar. They were caught in the airport when the three men were arriving at Nepal and Ansari had gone to receive them.

The Pakistani nationals were caught with briefcases full of fake Indian currency note or FICN. Their plan was to smuggle the fake currency into India via Nepal. All four of them are currently being questioned by the Nepal police.