David Warner
File photo of David WarnerMorne de Klerk/Getty Images

David Warner may often have been seen as the bad boy of world cricket but he has a gentler and more lovable side also. His young daughter Ivy Mae Warner has become quite popular as she is often seen supporting her father during Indian Premier League (IPL) matches.

Now, daddy Warner has shared an absolutely adorable video of his little girl trying her hand at batting. But she is very passionate about the game and in the video she says, "I am Virat Kohli." She then proceeds to pull the ball bowled at her by someone, most likely her dad, and lets out a huge laughter, looking like a carbon copy of her dad.

Warner saw the funny side of the story as well and shared this video on Instagram with the following text: "I'm not sure about this one. Indi wants to be Virat Kohli. Caption This??"

Perhaps daddy Warner is feeling a little jealous that his daughter wants to emulate the Indian captain and not her father. Then again, she seems to be a right-hander, that's probably why she prefers Kohli.

Watch the video here: