Victoria Beckham has sparked divorce rumours after she reportedly decided to get rid of all the tattoos she got engraved on herself as a tribute to husband David.

According to new reports in OK! Magazine, the former Spice Girls member, on 14 September was spotted in New York with a faded tattoo on her back. This is the tattoo that the fashion designer had got done as a tribute to her "beloved" husband of 16 years.

The tattoo in Hebrew read: "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." But now it has faded as Victoria is reportedly getting a laser treatment to get it removed.

The report further pointed out that the Posh spice has got rid of all her other tattoos as well. She removed the date she renewed her wedding vows with the retired soccer player. She also removed the "again from the start" tattoo when they moved to America in 2007.

While the report speculated that the tattoo removal could be a sign of Victoria-David's troubled marriage, it also said that the 41-year-old mother is on a tattoo removal spree because she finds inking embarrassing.

The model reportedly said she wants to be taken seriously in the fashion industry, and thus the decision to remove the tattoos. "Victoria seems embarrassed about her tattoos — probably because she thinks they're cheap and tacky," a source said.

But there have been various other reports that have suggested that there could be trouble in paradise for David and Victoria. "It's no secret among those who are close to David that Victoria isn't close to some of his friends. It's caused tension between them lately, which they've tried to keep a lid on," a source told The Sun.

"She's not a fan of him hanging around Jason and Rosie in the same way she apparently didn't like his friendship with Charlize Theron a few years back although of course nothing happened between them," the source added.

The report also pointed out that the speculations of the couple having marital problems surfaced strongly when Victoria pulled out of attending film director Guy Ritchie's extravagant three-day wedding in Wiltshire in late July.

Well, only time will tell whether the divorce rumours are true.