Football legend David Beckham could take up the role of James Bond, replacing Daniel Craig in the next 007 movie, if all goes well. Would you like him to get into movies full time? Let's look at the pros and cons of the star's purported move.

Fans of the former England football captain have taken to social media to express their wish to see their favourite star play James Bond when Daniel Craig steps down from the famous spy franchise.

The man himself has also expressed his desire to foray into movies and has taken up a couple of cameo roles, even as Craig has hinted at retirement from the franchise after "Spectre". So, anything is possible.

David Beckham's immediate movie "Outlaws", where he plays a motorcycle stuntman, is all set to be released on 22 September. Katherine Waterston, Cathy Moriarty and Harvey Keitel are his co-stars in the movie produced by Geremy Jasper. 

The 40-year-old star has also taken up a cameo role in Guy Ritchie's "Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur" which is scheduled to be released next year.

But will taking up movies full time do more harm than good to his image? There are reasons why he should not replace Daniel Craig in a 007 movie.

Beckham knows the huge challenge ahead and is a little apprehensive. 

"I am very aware that many sportsmen and other celebrities have turned their hand to acting and failed. But what I have done so far I have loved," he told Daily Star

On his new film, "Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur", Beckham said that his friend and director Guy Ritchie "wouldn't put me in a film if he thought I was going to ruin it."

"I had 13 lines and practised a huge amount. I would love to do more, but I can't just jump into roles that are too big for me. I want to build up my experience and see where it takes me," he added.

Many fans of the star want to see him as James Bond but most people may want to remember him as former England football captain and star of Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy.

Getting to work in a 007 movie is a huge opportunity and accepting the James Bond role if offered is the best option for Beckham if he is seriously considering taking up acting.

But most people may want him to stay with football and may even want him to coach the England football team or become manager of some big club such as Manchester United and Real Madrid.

No doubt, he has got the looks and a good physique but that doesn't guarantee a good actor. His acting skills are yet to be tested. In any case, moving to the reel world is a big risk, something he agrees. 

Another big turn off can be his tattoos. Some may think this is silly but most movies require actors to show lots of skin, and James Bond movies are no exception. There are chances that people would like to see the natural skin of their action hero rather than tattoos on his body.