The first all-female military force in Iraqi province of Anbar called
The first all-female military force in Iraqi province of Anbar called "Daughters of the Right" are threatening the ISIS militants. (Representational picture)rReuters

In a first of its kind, an all-woman military group has been formed in the Iraqi province of Anbar to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the terrorist group that has been terrifying the region over the last many months.

The security force, dubbed "Daughters of Justice", comprises 50 female volunteers from anti-ISIS tribes, local reports have said.

"More than 50 women formed a military force called 'Daughters of the Right' to support the tribal forces in their war against the terrorist gangs of ISIS during the next phase," said Anbar tribal Council member Sakr Salem Al-Ithawy, according to Iraqi News.

"Tribes in Anbar experienced the bad influences of the ISIS terrorist gangs who destroyed the city and ousted its families to other provinces, and that was what encouraged these women to form this force," he added.

According to local publication Al Shorfa, the 50 volunteers were integrated into the local police and they will now take the fight against the terrorist group under the supervision of the police. The group, which is said to be from among the strongest local female fighters, will later be expanded.

"The force will assume various security and combat tasks in a number of areas across Anbar and is seen as a nucleus that can be later expanded," the publication quoted Anbar woman's committee chairwoman Khansas Admed as saying.

The news has already stirred quite an excitement on social media with a few Twitter members saying it is a welcome news and an indication that woman can also take roles in combating the Sunni extremist group that has shocked the world for quite some time now.

"ISIS are terrified of woman with guns, and this is said without any sarcasm or judgement. Go Iraq!" said an individual called Stefan Stamenkovic in a tweet.

"Well done instead of being raped, captured or sell, Fight for ur land and people," said O Sirus.

"I'm with 'Daughtes of the right'...Go on Ladies Lol' said @Alison_816709