Challenging Star Darshan has lent an apology to Jaggesh on behalf of his fans, who had recently confronted him for his remarks against their icon and demanded an apology. Thus putting an end to the controversy which had been a hot topic of debate among Kannada cine-goers in the last few days.

Jaggesh and Darshan
Jaggesh's Reaction to Darshan's Controversy.Twitter

Darshan's Statement
In an interview, Darshan said that he would have prevented his fans from storming into the sets of Jaggesh's film Totapuri. "Jaggesh sir is our senior. We should respect them. Whatever he might have said about me, it does not matter. He is our senior. On behalf of my fans, I fold my hands and apologises to him," he said.

The controversy broke out after alleged audio leaked online where Jaggesh was heard speaking low about Darshan. Navarasa Nayaka had clarified that he had not made any such comment against the Challenging Star.

Fans Confrontation
However, the issue took a shocking turn after angry fans confronted Jaggesh on the sets of his Totapuri in Mysore. They disrespected him using rude language and forced him to give an apology. It was followed by non-stop abuses on social media sites.

Darshan.PR Handout

Even as the media was widely discussing this topic, Darshan kept himself out of this controversy. His silence angered the general audience and made people wonder whether he was endorsing his fans' behaviour.

"I was not aware of this incident. I had gone to Tirupathi and was travelling. Once I came to know about the issue I called the fans association members and slammed them for disrespecting a senior artiste," Darshan added

Meanwhile, Jaggesh has thanked Darshan for lending an apology and stated that he is relieved to put the controversy to rest. The 58-year old felt that such incidents never occur in Sandalwood again.