West Indies cricketer Darren Sammy has responded to Swara Bhasker's tweet condemning the use of racist slur by his teammates in Sun Risers Hyderabad and said that let us use this opportunity to educate each other.

Darren Sammy is one of the influential personalities, who have taken part in the #BlackLivesMatter movement and raised their voice against racism. The West Indies cricketer tweeted on June 2, "For too long black people have suffered. I'm all the way in St Lucia and I'm frustrated If you see me as a teammate then you see #GeorgeFloyd Can you be part of the change by showing your support. #BlackLivesMatter."

Daren Sammy and Swara Bhasker
Daren Sammy and Swara BhaskerCollage of photos taken from Twitter and Facebook

A week later, Darren Sammy shared a video on his Instagram account explaining how his teammate in Sun Risers Hyderabad used to mock him with a racist slur. In the video, the cricketer is also seen saying that he would message all those people and tell them that it was not funny at all. He will try to educate them.

Darren Sammy captioned the video with, "Knowledge is power. So recently I discovered a word that I was being called was not what it actually meant I need some answers. So before I start calling out names I need these individuals to reach out and please tell me there's another meaning to that word and when I was being called it, it was all in love. #blackandproud #blackandconfident #clarasboy #saynotoracism #stopracism #cricketer #stlucia."

West Indies cricketer Daren Sammy
West Indies cricketer Daren SammyFacebook

Actress-turned-social activist Swara Bhasker condemned his teammates for using the racist slur. She wrote, "This is both heartbreaking, shameful and sad! @darensammy88 didn't know that his teammates in #IPL team @SunRisers were using a (common) Indian racist slur to address him. They all would laugh & no one told him what it meant. Sickening! I'm so sorry for what u went thru Daren. ."

Darren Sammy responded to her tweet and said that we need to educate each other on racism. The cricketer tweeted, "Don't get me wrong I'm not condoning what was done/said. I'm saying let's use this opportunity to educate each other so it doesn't happen again. One can only apologize if he/she feels wrong about something. I'm confident & proud to be black. That will never change ."