Games like Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Demon Souls, and even the recently-released Bloodborne come with immense replay value. While Bloodborne is already rocking the charts across the world, there are still some of us who haven't let go of the connection that we have with each of the Dark Souls or Demon Souls games. And now, we patiently await the release of Dark Souls 3.

Dark Souls 3, set for an early 2016 release, was announced at this year's E3 via Namco Bandai and From Software, with the game being shown to a chosen few behind closed doors at the event. Sure, there was a sense of injustice among fans due to the fact that most of them wanted to see it first-hand, but overall, we are just happy that a new Dark Souls has been announced.

Not long ago, we struck a sort of comparison between Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 and even showed why Dark Souls 3 is actually Bloodborne in disguise. But, with that now successfully out of the way, here's a quick look at everything we know of Dark Souls 3 so far.

Dark Souls 3: Everything We know So Far

Exploration is the Key

As far as the game's E3 presentation behind closed doors is concerned, it seems like exploration will play a major role in the next Dark Souls. During the game's demo, the giant castle that was shown off could be explored. In fact, there were areas inside the castle that were far off and barely visible, most of which are also open to exploration. However, we are yet to find out about the actual size of the game.

Plethora of Weapons

Like each of the Dark Souls of the past, expect Dark Souls 3 to have a number of different weapons for you to find in the world. However, it seems like all these weapons are now even more unique than they used to be. It seems like your weapons will dictate your fighting style, and you will be required to switch between your weapons for the entire course of the game.

The Lords of Cinder are Back

Going by what we have gathered from the new Dark Souls this far, Dark Souls 3's main storyline should be based around the revivification of the Lords of Cinder. This means you'll be required to fight several of these Lords, with most of them being featured as gigantic bosses within the game.

More Stealthy Enemies

While games these days anyway come around with a major element of surprise, with an enemy popping out to confront you from nowhere, it seems like Dark Souls 3 will have enemies who will deliberately hide around corners and attack you the moment you least expect it. This means players will always have been on his or her heels, expecting enemies out of thin air.

Lighting Speed Combat

Compared to the gameplay pace that we saw for the previously released Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 looks set to borrow a leaf out of Bloodborne's books and introduce a speedier combat mechanic. Sure, the pace of it all may seem a bit weird when you pick up the game and compare it to the previous Dark Souls, but a lot will depend on quick decision making and movement skills.

Dark Souls 3 Got No More Than 30 FPS

Here's a bit of detail that will surely make the Internet burst out with mixed reactions, most of which will surely be complaints. In case you weren't aware, Dark Souls 3 will be locked to 30 frames per second, although some of you surely expected the game to hit the usual 60fps mark. But, if you look at the size of both the in-game world and enemies, you will feel that 30fps for the game is fitting.

You Can Dual-Wield Weapons

While the game offers a plethora of weapons for the players to choose from, it seems like one of the new weapons in the game will allow you to dual-wield a pair of scimitars to deal considerable damage on enemy groups. Sure, this isn't new to the Dark Souls series, but you will love the improved mechanic this time around.

The Game Remains Next-Gen Exclusive

As you might expect from a game that's coming around in 2016, Dark Souls 3 will be made exclusive to the likes of PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game was initially made from the ground up for the PlayStation 4, and it won't be releasing on last-gen consoles such as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Evolved Stance Shifting

If you have played the previous Dark Souls games, you will know that there is always the option to change your stance, depending on the weapons you are holding (even both hands). Switching stance in Dark Souls is mainly for inflicting powerful damage on the enemy, and with Dark Souls 3, changing stance will offer different abilities to certain weapons, like breaking guard.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]