Black magic
Photo by Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

In Hyderabad on Wednesday, the Nampally court has ordered life imprisonment to a 'tantric' or black magician who was charged with sexually abusing and physically torturing a young nine-year-old boy in 2018. Not just life imprisonment, he was accorded different punishments under various sections of law for his crimes.

Apart from the tantric, the boy's mother was also charged for the crime and was sentenced up to 13 years for joining hands with the magician to torture her son. The complaint was filed by the father in this case.

Tantric recorded the crime on camera

A nine-year-old boy in Telangana suffered grievously at the hands of a black magician. The incident only came out in the open two years ago in 2018 when the father of the victim took notice. 

The father returned from his work in Kuwait in 2018, only to find his son's behaviour had changed. After he learnt what had gone on while he had been away, the father registered a complaint at the Kanchanbagh police station. He had come to know that a black magician had convinced his wife that she and her son needed spiritual help. Further, the two had entered an affair. 

What ensued was brutality, when her son had objected and discovered the truth about the two. The boy was subjected to gory abuse by the Tantric who would rape and attack him with blades, poured hot water on him, made him stay naked for hours on end and poured candle wax on him, as per a report in TOI. 

Moreover, the abuse and torture were recorded by the mother as they occurred which the tantric would force her to record. This evidence on a phone and tablet would be pivotal evidence for the prosecution to prove the crime. 


The tantric was booked by the Additional metropolitan sessions judge Suneetha Kunchala under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, sections 307 (attempt to murder), 377 (unnatural offence), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement), 497 (adultery) and 506 (intimidation) of the IPC. The mother similarly was convicted under 307, 342 and 506 of the IPC. 

As a result, the tantric will be serving a life sentence and the victim's mother, 13 years in prison.