Netflix renewed "Daredevil" Season 3 at Comic-Con 2016
Netflix renewed "Daredevil" Season 3 at Comic-Con 2016Facebook/Daredevil

Marvel's "Daredevil" was officially renewed for Season 3 by Netflix at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016 in July, but an official date is yet to confirmed. Going by the last two seasons of "Daredevil," it seems like Season 3 will premiere in early 2017, possibly in March or April.

There has been news, however, suggesting that Season 3 of "Daredevil" will be aired before "Iron Fist" and "The Punisher." It remains to be seen if these shows will get backdoor episodes in "Daredevil" Season 3 before their own premieres.

With regards to Season 3 of "Daredevil," it has more or less been confirmed that Bullseye will make his debut in Hell's Kitchen. As fans saw in the previous season, Matt Mudock (Charlie Cox) is slowly picking up the pieces of his tryst with Elektra and the Punisher. With the collapse of Nelson & Murdock, he has no job and his friendship with Foggy (Elden Henson) is rocky.

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Moreover, Matt's potential romance with Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) was thwarted when he started hanging out with Elektra (Élodie Yung ) and the Hand. However, with the finale it is clear that Matt has decided to get his life back on track, especially in terms of balancing his job as a vigilante and as a lawyer separate. He even came clean to Karen about his secret identity.

However, all these efforts may be ruined by the arrival of psychopathic assassin Bullseye, who according to the comic books, has a personal vendetta against Daredevil. The rivalry between Bullseye and Daredevil will make for an interesting plot in Season 3.

Meanwhile, it is also rumoured that Elektra, whose body was recovered by the Hand, will be resurrected. This highly-skilled assassin could be developed into becoming their human weapon, which will work closely with the story of Elektra in the comic books.

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