Danny Denzongpa
Danny DenzongpaYouTube/Screenshot

One of the most famous villains of Bollywood, Danny Denzongpa is not dead. The actor is alive and kicking and will be soon seen in Salman Khan's upcoming film "Jai Ho". 

Denzongpa became a trending topic in India on Thursday, when UTV motion pictures asked a quiz question about "Sholay 3D" film.

However, people who were not aware about the quiz started posting tweets saying "RIP Danny Denzongpa" or is Danny Denzongpa dead?

Denzonga, who has worked in films like "Sanam Bewafa", "Kala Sona", "Aandhi Toofan", "Agneepath" and "Dharmatama" among others, ended up in India's trend list on Twitter on Thursday evening.

When UTV motion pictures tweeted saying that Denzongpa was supposed to play Gabbar Singh in Sholay before Amjad Khan his name started trending.

Denzongpa apparently left the film because of date issues with Feroz Khan's Dharmatma.

When the news of Denzongpa declining Gabbar Singh's role was spread on Twitter, barrage of jokes followed. Some user even declared him dead saying "top i literally thought he will be dead".

After Alok Nath, now Denzongpa became victim of twitterati's hilarious jokes and memes.

Here are some funny tweets appearing on Twitter after the actor started trending:

‏@BakwasRadio: Bhai zinda hai woh "@ravei303 Danny Denzongpa what a great actor , his TV series "AJNABEE" was most amazing... #RIPDanny

@vanitweeting: Just saw someone RIP Danny Denzongpa. He ain't dead man,why you go around killing someone like that!!

@Hrithikroshani: after seeing Danny Denzongpa Trending on top i literally thought he will be dead but the guy is still alive long live twitter trends

@rishsagar: First thought which comes in my mind when I see trending topics like Danny Denzongpa and Alok Nath is , OMG are they dead ? #OkaySorry

@DivyaDazzles: After Alok Nath, now Danny Denzongpa is trending!! My 1st thought when I see the trend appearing - is this person dead?!?!

‏@ShatadruSeal: Danny Denzongpa is dead....?

@darshini_dave: by seeing him trending i thought he is dead :P sorry Danny Denzongpa

@Agratha: Clearing the air: Danny Denzongpa is NOT dead. He is trending because of the #Sholay3D contest by utvfilms where he was one of the answers.

@faltoo_engineer After #AlokNath and Danny Denzongpa trends, every celeb in Bollywood must be scared : "Agla no. mera to nai..."