Danish Sait

Muti talented Danish Sait is a renowned stand-up comedian, television host, radio jockey, actor, and writer works in Kannada-language films. Hailing from Bengaluru the prolific personality can make your dull quarantine days a little brighter than you can ever imagine. The Bengaluru-based comedian, actor and writer always wears his heart on his sleeve and the audience absolutely love him for that. 

After entertaining us with for over the years, he is basking in the success of his recently released film French Biryani which showcases Namma Bengaluru's culture.

In an exclusive freewheeling conversation with International Business Times,  India Danish Sait spoke at length about things he keeps in mind while penning a humorous line, his most prominent critic, about his film French Biryani and more.

Excerpts from the Interview:

Danish Sait

What are the things you keep in mind while curating a humorous line?

 Ever since I was a child my mother always told me that political discussion should always be done in the closed doors of the house. As everyone has their own political views. She always told us to not crack jokes on anyone's political preference and sexual orientation. And that's what is imbibed in me since a very young age and that's how my conditioning has been.

Every time I have a have something to offer to the audience it's my mother and sister who gets to know it first, they are my first audience, therefore my level of acceptance is my own home. And sometimes when you overstep that line then you have the audiences to teach you.

Furthermore, you learn from them and do not repeat the same mistake again and move on that's how the process. Anybody is as good as the mistakes they make or as genesis as the stuff that they do.

Kubbra Sait

On her sister Kubbra Sait being her critic

Kubbra Sait is my critic, didi has a very cool view to stuff. When I do something, she gives me her perception. She has a reading or right which is right about audio and a video view. I will share an incident with you, during my radio days, I had done a prank call and crossed the line and she told me that you can't do something like thing on the radio he is older to you.

After working for over 7-8 years on the radio I have been conditioned to do such things. I am more conditioned and regimented not do certain things. I don't joke about religion, sex politics and don't use foul language.

Danish Sait

Will we see Kubbra and Danish do a stand-up show together?

I asked her to do my lockdown videos. She said, 'Dan I can't do what you do, she doesn't want to do my stuff.'


Danish Sait

If ever you host a talk show what would that be called?

(Laughs) 'Danish with Danish', as I will do all the good and sweet talks or Get 'Sait' Go.

 Danish Sait's latest flick French Biryani is streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.